Customized employee solutions that elevate your business.

About Berger HR Solutions

We are expert HR advisors who provide customized solutions that elevate your business. We are redefining how businesses perceive Human Resources. We are not the “corporate police,” we are business partners who see the big picture beyond one, specific employee-related issue. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your business and its individual needs, so you can continue to grow your business with ease. We want to learn about your business and its culture, so we can show you how we can help to minimize employment risk while increasing your employee’s and company performance.

At Berger HR Solutions, we treat your business as our own. Whether you are a growing start-up or an established business looking for additional HR support, Berger HR Solutions will meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Our Story

We have a collective 30+ years in the corporate human resources environment. We spent countless hours in the office, rising up the ranks like we were always expected to do, until one day, we decided there had to be a different way to achieve professional fulfillment.

As a result, Berger HR Solutions was established. We realized that we had a unique opportunity to match our HR knowledge and expertise with select businesses who need reliable HR support without the hassle or expense of a sophisticated internal HR department.

We believe the connection between client success and employee fulfillment is balance. Contrary to the usual connotation behind the word “balance”, we love our jobs. We designed a work environment where we have professional success without sacrificing personal time and interests –  one that fosters our passion for helping businesses and allows us to be more human. In return, our clients receive a more holistic and comprehensive approach to their solutions. We are committed to helping our clients succeed beyond their expectations.

Our Values

  • Knowledgeable. Take comfort in our expertise. We are more than HR experts. We are experienced advisors who are ready to elevate your business to the next level.

  • Invested. We treat your business like it is our own. We are partners taking ownership in your success. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions for the causes of your issues, not bandaids for the symptoms.

  • Transparent. Honesty is the foundation of our business. It is engrained in our work ethic and the key component to building a trusting relationship with our clients.

  • Creative. Your business and its problems are unique. We appreciate that. That is why we tailor fit our solutions to meet your business’ needs. We are not the HR police. We work with you to mitigate risks to achieve long-term success.

  • Calm. We pride ourselves in our calm and knowledgeable approach to even the most stressful of situations. Let us take care of your HR pain points, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Balanced. We believe in the power of work-life balance. We genuinely love what we do and designed a work environment that allows us to achieve professional success without sacrificing valuable time with our friends and family. As a result, our work is better than ever.

Customized Employee Solutions That Elevate Your Business

You want an advisor that buys into your mission and will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals. You need to fly with big ideas, but minimize your risk every step of the way. Finally, an HR advisor that gets it.