3 Tips for Getting Recruitment Right

Woman in a yellow top is at an interview and is shaking hands with a female interviewer.

Consider what your hiring process is like.

Is it smooth and seamless, or pieced together and clunky? Is it consistent? Do your job postings generate enough quality candidates or are you picking the best out of a group of average applicants?

Do you have interviewers who are trained to ask the right questions and who remain compliant throughout the process or are you just asking whoever is available to sit in?

Are you relying on other members of your team and external partners to ensure hiring needs are met efficiently and effectively or are you so involved in the process that it weighs you down and distracts you from your day-to-day responsibilities?

Getting recruitment right is absolutely critical to running a successful business. Your people are your biggest asset (and probably your biggest expense), so having processes in place to obtain—and retain— the right people for your team is essential.

Here are 3 basic hiring tips to help your organization improve its recruitment processes:

1. Have a Defined Recruitment Process. Write it down so that it’s consistent and easily repeatable. Your process should include a posting strategy that includes what to post, when to post, where to post, etc. It should also include an interview strategy that outlines interview phases and channels, interviewers, interview question banks, etc. and a hiring strategy that sets best practices for evaluating candidates, conducting reference and background checks, offer package, etc. This Berger HR Solutions blog post provides some additional insights and suggestions.

2. Stay Abreast of the Statistics. Just like everything else, the job market is changing. Candidates in 2024 are looking for different qualities in their employers, meaning that employers have to stay proactive to remain competitive in today’s market. Would you guess that 72% of employees would leave or consider leaving their company for a more inclusive one? Or that 68% of employees prefer work-life balance over higher pay? This article provides employers with some interesting current hiring statistics to help them stay current on employment trends.

3. Leverage Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Using your EVP during the recruitment process can help bring new employees on board who are aligned with your Company’s values and culture. You have worked hard to build a Company that you are proud of, where your employees thrive, and you invest in benefits and compensation plans to reward those employees. Using your EVP during the recruitment process can help your candidates understand why they should want to work for you. Don’t have an EVP?  See our How to Create Your Employee Value Proposition blog for more direction.


If you have questions about how to get your recruitment processes right, please contact us at info@bergerhrsolutions or (410) 695-9888 where we can help provide guidance for creating processes that produce the best candidates for your organization. Berger HR Solutions is here to help.


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