Employee Appreciation: 5 Strategies to Show Your Employees Gratitude

Employee Appreciation: 5 Strategies to Show Your Employees Gratitude

Where would your company be without its employees? They are, after all, the face of your company to your clients. They are the ones who execute your strategy and implement your vision.

Have you thanked your employees adequately – above and beyond their paychecks – for all their hard work? As Thanksgiving approaches, consider these 5 strategies to show your employees gratitude:

  1. Tell them thank you. While this seems very basic, it is the most important – and most effective – way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Tell them during one-on-ones, in staff meetings, or in an email or note. When possible, be specific about the contributions they have made that have had an impact on the department or company as a whole. Keep in mind that some people thrive on public acknowledgment while others would benefit more from a heartfelt note or phone call – make sure you know your people’s preferences and adjust accordingly.
  2. Give them time off. While most companies have holiday and PTO leave, employees will almost always welcome a few unexpected free hours! Give employees an extra day off at the holidays when business is usually slow, or let everyone leave a few hours early on a Friday. Make sure you’re giving this “extra” time off when everyone can take advantage of it, though – if they already have client calls scheduled that can’t be moved, they may not be able to leave, and this last-minute act of kindness may have an unintended side effect of frustration.
  3. Give them a gift card. Holiday bonuses are great, but for most people, the extra money gets absorbed into their bank accounts and the family’s budget before they even see it! A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant can be a rare opportunity for your employees to get to do something special for themselves.
  4. Throw a party! While holiday get-togethers, work picnics, and happy hours can come with a hefty price tag and their own set of challenges, they will also present a nice opportunity for you to show employees your appreciation and let them spend some time together outside of the office. Visit our blog for some holiday celebration ideas and considerations.
  5. Be creative. There’s not a one-size-fits-all way to show appreciation. Be creative and think outside the box! This article from Indeed shares 40 ideas to show appreciation for your employees.

However you choose to thank your employees, remember that employees who feel appreciated tend to work harder, be more collaborative, be culture-carriers, and remain loyal, committed members of the team.

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