Employee Wellness Tip: How to Beat the Afternoon Slump


Employee wellness has been a hot topic among our clients, especially considering the staggering number of people who are experiencing mental health struggles and burnout recently. Employee wellness is no longer a consideration for employers, but rather a necessity to take care of their employees and, as a result, keep their businesses running smoothly.

An employee’s physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being directly impacts their work, which has the inevitable ripple effect of impacting coworkers, managers—and even clients. Therefore, their wellness becomes your business. By creating an environment that supports and promotes wellness in the workplace, your business can not only be considered a great place to work, but a place where employees are engaged and thriving.

In our September 2021 article, Employee Retention Strategy: Promote Wellness in the Workplace, we offered some ideas to help you encourage wellness in the workplace including some “out of the box” benefits to your employees while promoting a healthier workforce. For instance, you can pay for employee gym memberships, host wellness challenges, or offer relaxation and meditation breaks.

Today, we are spotlighting a different employee wellness tip—how to beat the afternoon slump.

Nicole Malone, Founder and CEO of Dark Horse Nutrition, discusses what you can do to reenergize later in the day. And no—she does not suggest reaching for more caffeine! As an expert on wellness, Nicole provides businesses with customized wellness programs for employees as well as individual and group nutrition coaching, among other wellness-related initiatives.



Fighting the Afternoon Slump? Try These Simple Tips

Written by Nicole Malone, Founder and CEO of Dark Horse Nutrition. The original article can be found on their website here.

It’s 2pm and the dreaded slump has reared its ugly head. All your energy is zapped. Your productivity and concentration have plummeted, and you don’t know how to snap yourself out of it. Do you reach for another cup of coffee? Do you just call it quits? Fortunately for you, there are some healthy tips you can keep in your tool kit for just times like these!

Check out these 6 simple tips to snap you out of the dreaded afternoon slump… Continue reading on Dark Horse Nutrition.

But wait—don’t stop here! Keep looking for creative ways you can add value and positively impact your employee’s health and well-being. Even the smallest of changes to an employee’s workspace, schedule, and expectations can have a direct impact on your employees’ wellness and your business.

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