4 Tips for Planning Safe and Professional Offsite Work Events

4 Tips for Planning Safe and Professional Offsite Work Events

We’re right in the midst of the summer months, and chances are, you might be planning a team event or get-together outside of work – maybe a company picnic, a retreat, attending a baseball game together, or perhaps a company-sponsored happy hour. Activities like these are always planned with good intentions and are highly encouraged; however, while they are meant to reward, recognize, engage, and motivate employees, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to set your employees – and your business – up for success.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your offsite work events stay safe and professional:

  1. Choose your event carefully. While budgetary restraints and employee interests should certainly play a part in what you choose to do, don’t forget to think about the risks that could be associated with the event. The time of day, the location, and the possible safety hazards associated with any activities should be considered. You may even want to check your insurance policies to see what is and is not covered when you’re offsite.
  2. Be present and observant. Make sure you, or another trusted manager, stay at the event site until the event is over and the last employee leaves. This ensures that you are present to deter and/or witness firsthand any unprofessional behavior between colleagues.
  3. Take precautions. If your event involves alcohol and you have employees or interns under the age of 21, be sure to keep the drinking age in mind. Consider setting drink limits and be sure everyone has a safe ride home.
  4. Set expectations. Make sure your employees understand expectations for maintaining professional behavior at work-related events. Sexual harassment and code of conduct polices still apply at work events. Remind your employees that that they have to work together again tomorrow!

As HR professionals, we have seen well-intending business owners scramble to undo damage done during a work event that took place after hours.

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